1. calculate
    vt 计算,估计;vi 认为;reckon估计

  2. campaign
    n 战役;活动
    camp n 营地
    sales promotion campaign election campaign

  3. cancel
    vt 取消 -flight
    abandon vt
    abolish bubbles

  4. candidate
    n 候选人,考生

  5. capable
    adj 有能力的 be capable of -capacity n 容积容量
    capable adj 有能力的 – able adj
    be able to do
    be capable of doing
    able – ability
    capable – capability n 能力

  6. capacity
    n 能力,容量;volume 体积,卷
    This auditorium演讲厅,报告厅has a seating capacity of 500
    auditorium -ium 建筑物
    stadium 体育馆,体育场(漏天的);gymnasium健身房
    oceanarium 海洋馆;aquarium 水族馆

  7. captive
    n 俘虏 abuse captive 虐俘

  8. capture
    vt 占据;抓
    capture a city 占据一个城市
    capture a thief 抓了一个贼
    capture sb’s heart赢得sb的心
    Recapture 夺回,赢回,再体验
    Government troops soon recaptured the island.
    He was trying to recapture the happiness of his youth.

  9. career
    n 事业 care 小心,认真

  10. cargo
    n (运输途中的)货物;a cargo plane/ship;freight(美语)(运输途中的)货物

  11. case
    n 情况;案例;病例;例子
    1)in case of +名词/in case +句子:以防;万一
    Dial 119 in case of fire.
    Take an umbrella with you in case it rains.
    in any case/in no case
    I will give up in no case
    meet/satisfy/cater to (满足)one’s needs

  12. casual
    adj 偶然的,偶尔,邂逅
    a casual glance/meeting

  13. casualty
    n 伤亡 casualty list 伤亡名单

  14. cater
    vi 迎合 cater to/for;cater to low tastes迎合低级趣味 cater to universal tastes 迎合大众口味

  15. caution
    vi 发出警告- cautious adj 谨慎的 – careful

  16. cease
    vt 停止;cease fire 停火

  17. celebrate
    v 庆祝 祝贺 赞美

  18. ceremony
    n 典礼,仪式,礼节

  19. certificate
    n 证明材料;a birth certificate 出生证明;health certificate 健康证明

  20. certify
    v 证实;certain adj 肯定的
    -cert:确定的 肯定的

  21. challenge
    v & n 挑战

  22. characteristic
    n 特征 adj 特有的;character 人物,性格;leading characters 领衔主演

  23. charge
    vt & n 收费;指责;负责
    charge sb 50 pence;指控 charge sb with sth = accuse sb of sth n 收费 additional charges

  24. chase
    vt 追逐

  25. check
    v 检查核对 n(美式英语)支票 by check;in cash;vt 克制,抑制;check one’s impulse 克制冲动

  26. cheque
    n 支票

  27. cherish
    vt 珍惜;怀有(希望)-value
    cherish friendship/life/love…
    cherish the hope

  28. chief
    adj 首席的 CEO=Chief Executive Officer

  29. circular
    adj 圆形的,环形的;circle n 圆圈;cycle n.v. 循环 recycle再循环

  30. circulate
    v. 流通 blood circulation 血液循环

  31. circumstance
    n 环境,情形(多用复数);under/in these circumstances;under no circumstances 绝不
    I will give up in no circumstances.

  32. civil
    adj 1)文明的 2)国内的 3)民的
    civilization n 文明
    civil tongue 文明的语言
    mother tongue
    Civil War 内战
    a civil case 民事案件
    a criminal case 刑事案件
    civilian n 平民

  33. claim
    vt & n 宣称;索要
    acclaim v 欢呼
    He is an acclaimed writer.
    He claimed to be the CEO of the company.
    He claimed that he would attend the meeting.
    Every child has the right to claim education.
    claim compensation 赔偿 for my loss.
    The hurricane 飓风 has claimed six innocent无辜的people.
    reclaim 回收,改造

  34. clarify
    vt 澄清
    clarify your opinions

  35. clash
    n 冲突,和…冲突;打斗,分歧;争论
    a clash of interests/opinions/cultures利益冲突;意见分歧;文化差异
    be in conflict/collision/clash with…和…冲突
    be in accord/agreement/line with…和..一致
    a head-on clash between the two leaders over education policy

  36. classical
    adj 古典;classis 经典;classify分级,分类;first-class teacher

  37. climax
    n 高潮 highlight

  38. cling
    vi 粘紧,附着,坚持;cling to /adhere to /stick to 坚持
    cling to a principle 原则

  39. clue
    n 线索 -cue n 提示 暗示

  40. clumsy
    adj 笨拙的

  41. coarse
    adj 粗糙的,粗俗的,沙哑的;a coarse throat 沙哑的喉咙;coarse foods粗粮
    coarse/refined wine劣酒/佳酿;coarse manners粗俗行为

  42. code
    n 编码,代码 zip code 邮编(encode/decode)

  43. coincidence
    adj 巧合的 (coincidence n巧合)-incident n 事件 -accident n 事故 by accident=by chance 偶然的
    He is to blame for the accident.

  44. collaborate
    v 协作合作
    -cooperate v 合作

  45. collapse
    vt 崩溃,倒塌
    He collapsed at the bad news.
    lapse n 小错
    a lapse of tongue/pen 口误/笔误
    blunder n 大错

  46. colleageue
    n 同事;league 同盟;workmate同事;deskmate 同桌 classmate;schoolmate

  47. collide
    vi 相互碰撞,冲突;clash;air crash

  48. combat
    v 打斗,与…战斗 campaign 战役

  49. combine
    vt 联合 combine A with B

  50. comfort
    vt & n (使)舒服 comfortable 舒服的

  51. command

  52. comment
    vi & n 评论 + on
    make comments on comment on
    No comments.无可奉告

  53. commercial
    adj 商业的
    commerce n 商业
    E-commerce 电子商务
    commodity n 商品

  54. commit
    vt 1)do/make 做 commit a crime犯罪 commit suicide自杀
    n 2)承诺 commit oneself to 致力于
    He committed himself to helping the poor all his life.
    committed adj 尽职尽责的
    commitment n 承诺,责任
    admit/commit/emit(释放,排放)/limit/omit省略/submit提交/transmit vt 传播

  55. commodity
    n 商品

  56. communicate
    communicate vi +with communication n 交流

  57. community
    community n 社区

  58. companion
    n 伙伴 company accompany vt 陪伴

  59. compare
    vt 比较
    comparable adj 可比较的;类似的
    The comparable type of cars will cost more at home.

  60. compassion
    n 同期 -passion n激情;热情+for
    He has passion for music.

  61. compatible
    adj 兼容的 compatible with; pat 轻轻拍打

  62. compensate
    vi +for 赔偿
    claim compensation for my loss

  63. competent
    adj 有能力的 -fierce激烈的
    compete vi 竞争
    competition n 竞争
    competitive adj 有竞争力的
    competitiveness n 竞争力

  64. competition
    n 竞争;compete with 竞争;compete against sb 和sb竞争 competitive adj 有竞争力对;competitor n 竞争对手

  65. compile
    vt 1)编篡 2)罗列,编排;pile v. 堆;
    compile a list of dishes/books 罗列一个菜/书单

  66. complain
    vi 抱怨,投诉
    complaint n 抱怨投诉 make a complaint 投诉
    complain of/about sth 抱怨
    He made a complaint of the smartphone.
    plain adj 明白的 n 平原

  67. complement
    n 补充 vt 补充
    complete 完成

  68. complex
    elaborate adj 精心准备的
    The elaborate dinner on the New Year’s Eve.

  69. complicated
    adj 复杂的(形式)

  70. compliment
    n 恭维奉承
    complement 补充

  71. comply
    comply with 和…保持一致,符合,服从

  72. compose
    compose-consist-constitute-comprise v 组成
    compose vt 组成,构成;创作
    be composed of
    Our class is composed of 50 students.
    composer n 作曲家
    composition n 作文
    consist vi +of
    Our class consists of 50 student.
    constitute vt 构成,组成
    A week comprises 7 days.
    7 days comprise a week.
    be made up of 由组成
    Our class is made up of 50 students.
    compose/consist of /constitute/make up of

  73. comprehend
    vt 理解
    comprehensive adj 全面的
    comprehensive guide
    comprehension n 理解

  74. comprehensive
    adj 综合的;广泛的,全面的
    a comprehensive study 全面研究;comprehensive insurance(=covering all risks)综合保险

  75. compress
    -press:压 -stress n
    compress vt 压缩,浓缩
    impress vt 留下印象
    impression n
    depress vt 萧条;抑郁
    depression n 萧条;抑郁症
    repress vt 镇压;抑制压制
    oppress-suppress vt 压制抑制

  76. compromise
    vi 折中,妥协
    promise vt 承诺 n 前途
    promising adj 有前途的

  77. concede
    -ceed/-cess 走
    concede vi 让步

  78. conceive
    receive vt -reception n
    conceive vt 孕育;想象
    conception n 构思,构想
    concept n 概念
    deceive vt 欺骗 -cheat
    deceive sb into doing
    deceptive adj 有欺骗性的
    perceive vt 认知,理解,察觉 -perception n

  79. concentrate
    vt 集中;concetrate one’s attention/energies on 集中精力做sth

  80. concern
    vt 涉及 As far as sb/sth is concerned,就sb/sth而言
    concerning=regarding=as regards=with regard to=about +n. prep关于
    concern oneself with/about 忙于,从事于
    be concerned about 为…而忧虑,关于…

  81. concrete
    adj 具体的
    n 混泥土 -abstract adj 抽象的
    concrete buildings
    abstract adj 抽象的 v提炼 n摘要 particular adj 特别的 general 总的

  82. condemn
    vt 谴责;判处 damn 诅咒,谴责

  83. conduct
    vt 做;导电
    做调查 conduct a survey
    做实验 conduct an experiment
    semi-conductor n 导体
    conductor 导体;列车员

  84. confer
    vi 商讨 vt 给予;赋予

  85. conference
    n -meeting 协商,会谈,会议

  86. confess
    vt 承认坦白 admit;acknowledge

  87. confident
    adj 有信心的
    confidence n 信心
    self-confidence n 自信
    have confidence in
    be confident of

  88. confidential
    adj 机密的;a confidential secretary 机要秘书

  89. confine
    vt (把话题,论点等抽象事物)局限于(范围)+ to
    Please confine your comments to the topic under discussion.
    He was confined to bed for illness.卧床不起
    define vt 下定义 -definition n 定义
    refine vt 精炼
    refined sugar/refined salt
    refine your language-polish your language

  90. confirm
    vt 进一步确认 confirm a report 证实一个报导
    firm n 公司-company adj 坚定的

  91. conflict
    n&v 冲突 clash collision; be in conflict with sb
    collide vi 碰撞
    clash n&v 冲突
    crash vi&n 猛烈的撞击;猛跌
    air crash 空难

  92. conform
    conform + to/with 符合,一致;遵守
    abide by
    conform to the local laws
    form n 形式
    comply with 服从,遵守

  93. confront
    vt 对抗,面对
    be confronted with 面对 be faced with 面对
    Human beings are now confronted with many environmental problems.

  94. confuse
    vt 使困惑
    I am confused.
    infuse vt 灌输 knowledge
    refuse vt 拒绝
    fuse n导火索,导火线 vt&vi 融合;refuse 拒绝
    infuse 灌输;diffuse 传播(思想,科技等),传布,扩散

  95. congress
    n 议会

  96. conquer
    vt 克服,征服;conquer numerous difficulties 克服大量困难
    onquer a country 征服国家;William the Conqueror征服者威廉

  97. conscience
    n 良心,良知

  98. conscientious
    adj 本着良心的;尽职尽责的

  99. conscious
    adj 有意识的
    be conscious of
    I am conscious of the potentia潜在的danger
    consciousness n
    subconsciousness 下意识

  100. consent
    consent vi 同意 consent to do=agree to do
    content n 内容(复数);
    v & adj 满足
    table of contents 目录

  101. consequence
    sequence n order 次序
    consequence n 后果
    As a consequence 因此
    consequently adv 因此
    subsequent adj 随后的
    result/outcome/aftermath/effect 重要性,重要意义
    It is of great consequence that…;a man of great consequence 要人VIP

  102. conservation
    conserve vt (自然)保护;保守
    conservative adj 保守的
    conservation n 自然保护
    observe vt 观察;遵守;vi 说
    preserve vt 保存;腌制
    preserved meat/egg/vegetable
    a well-preserved lady
    reserve vt book 预定 n 储备
    reservation n resverve a table for five
    reserve fund n 储备金
    oil reserve 石油储备

  103. conservative
    adj 保守的

  104. considerable
    adj 值得考虑的,可观的大量的

  105. considerate
    adj 周到的,体贴的
    The population has increased considerably

  106. consist
    vi 组成 consist of

  107. consistent
    adj 一致的,一贯的

  108. console
    vt 安慰 sole adj 唯一的

  109. consolidation
    n 加固,巩固 -consolidate vt solid n 固体

  110. constant
    adj 不变的 n 常数常量,始终如一
    The birth rate in this city is almost constant
    constantly adv 不变地,经常地,坚持不懈地

  111. constitution
    n 宪法

  112. construct
    structure n 结构
    vt 建设 -construction n
    destruct v 破坏 -destruction n
    instruct vt 教授;指导
    instructor n 教师
    obstruct vt 阻挡,阻碍

  113. consult
    v 咨询
    consultant n 顾问 advisor

  114. consumme
    vt 消费
    consumer n 消费者
    consumption n 消费
    assume vt 假定认为
    assumption n 假设
    resume n 简历;vi 继续
    resume to do

  115. contact
    vt/n 接触 come into
    touch/contact with sb;Please contact me!

  116. contain
    vt 容纳;attain-obtain-retain-contain-maintain-sustain-detain扣留 -abstain戒除

  117. contaminate
    vt 污染,弄脏

  118. contemporary
    adj 同时代的,当代的;temporary/permanent address临时/永久住址

  119. contend
    vt 主张,认为
    vi 争取+for

  120. content
    n 内容(所容纳的东西)adj 心满意足的 vt 使满足
    be content with sb=be satisfied with 对…满意

  121. contest
    n v 竞争,竞赛

  122. continual
    adj 频繁的
    continuous adj 持续的,不断的
    The dog is continually barking
    It is raining continuously

  123. contract
    n 合同;vt 压缩

  124. contradiction
    n 矛盾
    contra+dic 说+tion
    dictionary n 字典
    dictation n 听写

  125. contrary
    adj 相反的 n 相反
    on the contrary 相反 the+adj=n

  126. contrast
    vt 相反 n
    by contrast;对比 a contrast side

  127. contribute
    tribute 贡品
    contribute to vt 贡献 -contribution n
    distribute vt 分发;分布
    distribution n
    attribute to 归因于
    He attributed his success to diligence

  128. controversy
    n 争议 论战
    This is a controversial issue
    controversial adj 有争议的

  129. convention
    n 习俗 custom 风俗

  130. convert
    1)转变(功能)2)(能量)转换 3)兑换+into 4)+to信仰转变
    The classroom will be converted into a small library during the vacation假期.
    convert heat into electricity convert RMB into US dollars.

  131. convey
    vt 传达,表达
    What does the passage want to convey?

  132. convict
    vt 定罪 宣告sb有…罪行 convict sb of sth
    He was convicted of murder.他被判为

  133. convince
    vt 使确信
    I am convinced that…
    convince sb of sth; convince sb that

  134. conviction
    n 深信,坚信;定罪
    convincing 令人信服的;convinced 确信的,信服的(be convinced of)

  135. cooperate
    v 合作 cooperation n operate 操作

  136. coordinate
    vt 协调,调节
    ordinary adj 普通的,平凡的
    subordinate 下级,下属

  137. cope
    vi 应付,处理
    cope with; deal with; handle; address; tackle,approach

  138. correlate
    v 相关
    be positively 正/negatively 负 correlated with
    correlation n

  139. correspond
    vi 通信往来 correspond with 和…保持通信往来
    correspondingly adv 相应地
    correspondent n 通讯记者
    respond v 回答回应

  140. corrupt
    v 腐败 adj 腐败的 corruption n 贪污腐败

  141. costly
    adj 成本很高的,代价很高的 a costly victory

  142. counterpart
    n 对应的人/物

  143. counterfeit
    n 伪钞,假币;forfeit 罚金

  144. course
    1)菜dish 2)课程 3)过程 4)方向change the couse 改变航向,改变方向
    appetizer 开胃菜 main course 主菜 dessert 饭后甜点
    required courses 必修课 optional courses 选修课
    in the due course 在适当的时候 in the course of 在…期间

  145. crash
    vi & n 撞击;n 猛跌 crash into
    air crash

  146. credit
    n 信用
    credit card
    credible adj 可信的
    increadible adj 难以置信的

  147. creep
    vi 悄悄的走 ,蔓延,爬行,攀升
    The inflation rate has been creeping up to 9.5 per cent

  148. criminal
    crime n 罪
    criminal n 犯罪
    commit a crime
    a criminal case 刑事案件
    a civil case

  149. critical
    adj 1)批评的 be critical of/about; critic n 批评家
    2)危险的 at one’s/a critical moment/stage 正处于危险关头/阶段
    3)极为重要的 vital,crucial
    It is critical/vital/crucial that we should learn English well.

  150. crucial
    adj 极为重要的 vital/critical

  151. crude
    adj 生的,未经加工的
    crude oil/ore/material 原油/矿石/材料
    raw meat 生肉/raw materials原材料

  152. cruel
    brutal adj 残忍的

  153. cultivate
    vt 培养,培植
    cultivate talents 培养人才
    develop a good habit 培养好的习惯
    cultivate teamwork spirit 培养团队精神

  154. cunning
    adj 狡猾的 -shrewd adj 精明的
    a cunning fox/politician

  155. cure
    vt 治愈 treat 治疗 cure sb of

  156. curiosity
    curious adj 好奇的
    curiosity n 好奇心
    be curious about

  157. currency
    current n 流体
    adj 流通的,当前的
    water current/electricity
    cold current
    currently adv 当前 -now
    currency n 流通货币
    cold current
    currently adv 当前 -now
    currency n 流通货币
    current account 活期账户

  158. curent
    n 流;adj 1)流通的 2)如今的,当今的;a(cold) current of water/air/electricity
    current money/assets/accounts通货;流动资产;活期账户
    deposit accounts 固定账户
    current events 时事;the current situation 当前形势
    Currently 当前,目前


  1. check

2.** concurrent**
adj 并发的,一致的

  1. configuration

  2. contingent
    adj 偶然(发生)的;(损失、责任等)附带的;以事实为依据的;依情况而变的

  3. convene
    vi&vt 召集,集合;传唤
    To convene a meeting

  4. coronavirus

  5. corporate

  6. culminate
    vi 到绝顶;达到高潮;达到顶点;vt 使结束;使达到高潮

  7. cumulative