1. gap
    n 裂缝,缝隙;差距;鸿沟
    generation gap 代沟
    information gap 信息差
    a gap year 间歇年
    narrow/widen the gap 缩小/扩大差距

  2. gaze
    凝视 -gape 目瞪口呆看 -glimpse
    瞥 -glance 扫视 -glare 怒视+at
    a glimpse of Harvard
    peer at 凝视/peep at 偷窥
    stare at 盯着看
    看: look vi +at/see vt/watch vt 观看;小心

  3. generalize
    vt 概括- general adj 普遍的,一般的+n 将军
    general introduction

  4. generate
    vt 发电;产生 produce
    generator n 发电机
    generate profits 产生利润
    generate interest 产生兴趣

  5. gene
    n 基因
    genetically adv 遗产学地
    GMF – genetically modified food 转基因食品
    modify vt 修改

  6. generous
    adj 慷慨的 – liberal adj
    economical/frugal/thrifty adj 节约的

  7. global
    global globalize globalization

  8. gloomy
    adj 阴霾的,阴郁的;
    gloomy future

  9. glorious
    glory n 荣耀 glorious adj 光荣的,荣耀的

  10. govern
    vt 统治,管理 government

  11. grab
    vt 抢夺
    smash and grab

  12. grant
    vt give officially 给予;授予;准予 n 助学金
    grant a degree 授予学位
    grant a driving license 颁发驾照

  13. grace
    n 优雅
    disgrace vt 使丢脸,使蒙羞

  14. grateful
    adj 感谢的 gratitude n 感激 appreciate vt 感谢
    I am very grateful to you for your help
    I can hardly express my gratitude to you for your help=My gratitude to you is beyond expression/words
    appreciate vt
    I really appreciate your help

  15. grave
    adj 严重的,n 坟墓
    aggravate vt 加重,恶化
    grav 重 gravity n 重力

  16. greedy
    adj 贪婪的 n greed

  17. grieve
    vi+at 悲伤,难过;grief n
    I feel grieved at the economic loss

  18. gross
    adj 总的;毛的;不雅的
    GDP gross domestic product
    GNP gross national product
    gross weight/net weight
    gross behavior 不雅的行为

  19. guarantee
    vt 保证,担保
    ensure/guarantee +sth/that
    guarantee to do

  20. guilty
    adj guilt n 愧疚
    be guilty of


  1. halt
    n stop 停止
    come to a halt 停止
    The car came to a halt

  2. hamper
    hinder vt 阻止,阻碍
    hamper/hinder sb from doing

  3. harmony
    n 和谐
    live in harmony 和谐相处
    harmonious adj 和谐的
    Only in this way can we build a harmonious society

  4. harness
    n 马具 vt 驾奴,利用
    harness a river 治理河流
    harness solar energy 利用太阳能

  5. haste
    n 匆忙 hurry hasty adj More haste,less speed 欲速则不达

  6. hazard
    danger n 危险
    dangerous hazardous adj

  7. heritage
    n 遗产 非物质文化遗产
    non- material cultural heritage/legacy

  8. hesitate
    vi 犹豫 hesitate to d
    If you have any questions,don’t hesitate to ask me

  9. highlight
    n 最精彩的部分
    vt 强调 emphasize/stress
    The teacher highlighted the importance to ask me

  10. hint
    n 暗示

  11. hollow
    bare empty blank vacant
    adj 空的 a hollow pipe/hollow bamboo 竹子
    bare adj covered with nothing 赤裸的,裸露的
    bare arm/leg/head
    empty:adj contain nothing (容器等)空的
    blank adj 空白的;茫然的,面无表情
    blank paper/check
    blank face/look
    vacant:adj not occupied 空座,空缺的
    vacant seats
    vacant positions 空缺 vacancy

  12. horizon
    n 地平线
    broaden one’s horizons 扩展视野

  13. hospitality
    n 热情好客

  14. hostile
    adj 敌意的

  15. humiliate
    vt 使屈辱

  16. hypothesis
    n 假设 hypo 假的


  1. ideal
    adj 理想的,完美的
    an ideal job

  2. identical

  3. identify
    vt 1)识别;辨认,确定身份
    identify his identify
    2)identify A with B 认为AB等同
    Never identify facts with opinions
    identical adj 相同的
    There are no identical fingerprints 指纹 in the world
    3)identify oneself with sth 感同身受
    I can identify myself with the dilemma of the heroine
    identity n 身份
    身份证 ID card= identify card

  4. idle
    adj 空闲的

  5. ignorant
    be ignorant of adj 忽视
    ignore vt 忽视忽略

  6. illusion
    n 幻觉

  7. illustrate
    vt 例证;证明
    illustration n

  8. imitation
    n 模仿
    imitate vt 模仿

  9. immense
    adj 巨大的

  10. immune
    adj be immune to
    Vaccination can make us immune to Covid-19 viruses
    immune system 免疫系统

  11. impact
    vt & n 影响,冲击力
    have impact/influence on

  12. implement
    vt 执行;实施
    caution vi 警告

  13. implicit
    含蓄的 explicit 明显的

  14. imply
    vt 暗示 implication n

  15. impose
    impose sth on sb 强加于(想法或征税等)
    Don’t impose your ideas on me

  16. impair
    vt 损害;削弱

  17. impress
    vt 印象 depress vt 萧条,抑郁 compress vt 压缩浓缩
    suppress oppress repress vt 压抑抑制
    express vt 表达

  18. imprison
    vt 禁锢
    imprison one’s creativity/minds

  19. impulse
    n 冲动
    Do sth on impulse 做事冲动
    pulse n 脉搏

  20. incentive
    n 奖励刺激机制
    innocent adj 清白的 无辜的

  21. incident
    n 事件 accident n 事故
    coincident adj 巧合的(coincidence n)

  22. incline
    vt decline recline cline 弯曲
    I am inclined to hold that…

  23. incredible
    credit card
    credible adj

  24. incur
    vt cause trouble occur vi(happen)
    recur vi(happen again)
    You will incur trouble if you do that
    burn your hands

  25. indicate
    vt show/demonstrate

  26. indifferent
    don’t care about sth

  27. indignant

  28. indispensable
    necesary and importand
    Fresh air and clean water are indispensable to health

  29. indulge
    be indulged in:be fascinated with/be obsessed with
    Nowadays many young people are indulged in computer games

  30. industrious
    hard-working;diligent industrial adj of industry

  31. inevitable
    adj must happen

  32. infect
    vt spread viruses
    Flu is an infectious disease
    affect vt/effect n /defect n flaw

  33. infer
    vt deduce from inference n
    What can we infer from the passage?

  34. initial
    adj beginning part
    The initial letter of my name is GW
    initial vt start/begin
    initiate/start a career
    initiative n
    do sth on initiative
    Belt and Road Initiative 倡议

  35. inject
    vt 注射 injection
    infect vt 感染传染
    ject:throw 投掷
    project vt 投影;计划;预计
    projector n
    reject vt 拒绝
    object vi+to 反对
    be subject (adj)to 从属于

  36. innocent
    adj 清白的 无辜的;天真的 无邪的
    incentive n 奖励刺激

  37. innovation
    innovate vt 革新创新
    innovation n
    innovator n

  38. inquire
    inquire- acquire- require
    acquire vt learn;习得,获得;收购
    acquisition n 收购
    merge n&v 并购
    acquire a language/acquire knowledge
    require vt要求 require sb to do sth
    requirement n
    inquire vi 1 打听询问 + about 2探究,调+into
    inquiry n 打听,调查
    investigate vt&vi (+into)调查
    investigation n

  39. insight
    n 洞察力;洞悉了解 insight into

  40. inisist
    vi 坚持+on(N)
    assist vt 帮助/consist of 包含/persist in+doing/resist vt 抵挡抵抗

  41. inspect
    vt 视察 spect 看
    aspect n 方面 facet n
    respect v&n 尊敬;n in this respect 方面
    prospect n 前景
    perspective n 透视;角度观点
    from my perspective=in my opinion
    spectator n 观众
    suspect v 怀疑& n 疑犯

  42. instinct
    n 本能 intuition n 直觉
    intuitive adj 直觉的
    counterintuitive 反直觉的
    Birds can fly by instinct

  43. institute
    n 研究机构,研究院所;vt 制定 institution 制度

  44. instruct
    vt 教授;教育
    instructive adj
    instructive movie
    struct 建造
    construct- instruct- destruct- obstruct vt阻碍阻挡

  45. insure
    vt 投保 + against insurance n 保险
    I insured my house against fire
    assure vt保证确保(assure sb of sth/assure sb that)
    ensure vt 保证确保(ensure sth/ensure that)
    reassure vt 使安心;使消除疑虑

  46. integrate
    vt 整合成一体
    integrate A with B
    global integration 全球一体化

  47. intellect
    n 才智,智慧
    intelligent adj smart 聪明的
    intelligence n 智能
    AI=artificial intelligence
    intellectual n 知识分子 adj知识的;智力的
    intellectual environment
    He is intelligent,but not intellectual

  48. intense
    tense- intense- intensify- intensity- intensive
    tense adj紧张的 tense study life
    intense adj强烈的
    intensity n强度
    intensify vt 加强
    intensive adj 密集的集中的
    ICU intensive care unit
    a labor intensive industry 劳动密集型产业

  49. intend
    vi 打算intention n
    intend to do- plan to do
    attend vt出席;vi 照料+to
    tend to do 倾向于 incline to do im/in

  50. interact
    v 相互作用,互相
    interaction n 互动
    counteract v 中和抵消,反作用
    react vi+to 反应
    interview v&n 面试采访

  51. interfere
    vi 干涉in (贬义);干扰+with
    intervene vt 干涉干预(褒义)
    Don’t interferr in my affairs
    The noise outside interfered with my class

  52. interpret
    vt 解释

  53. interrupt
    vt 打断 break in

  54. interval
    n 间隔+at interval
    I used to visit my grandparents at regular intervals
    We are required to plant tree at a 10-meter interval

  55. interview
    v&n 面试,采访

  56. intricate
    adj 错综复杂的

  57. intrigue
    n 诡计

  58. invert
    vi + in 投资 investment n

  59. investigate
    vt inquire 调查+into

  60. involve
    vt 卷入牵连;包含涉及
    involution 内卷
    I don’t want to be involved in the case
    The job involves(entails)living abroad for at least a year
    evolve vi 进化发展 evolution
    revolve vi 旋转 revolution n 革命
    innovation n 革新

  61. irritate
    irritate vt 激怒
    irrigation n

  62. issue
    n 问题;(期刊)期;vt 发布,发行,分发
    social issues
    the latest issue of the magazine
    GI美国大兵government issue